Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman, shooting, Colorado shooting, Joker, movie massacre

Today we heard about the shooting/murder of people in a crowded theater in Colorado.

This incident happened during a screening of Batman. People are questioning why this happened, and some "experts" have been quoted, to say violent movies can do this, there have been scientific studies that prove this.

 Another article I read was about what the NYC police commissioner stated. (in short) saying that the individual called himself the joker. And in the article further it "list of more possible parallels between the massacre in Aurora and the Batman comic book character". To me it is like putting the question why, and listed one explanation maybe because there was a scene "In Frank Miller’s 1980s comic book reboot, "Batman: The Dark Knight," the Joker kills an entire late-night TV audience with gas." or this, "A video game based on the Batman comic, "Arkham City," takes place in an abandoned movie theater, the same theater where Wayne’s parents were killed.

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On the news i saw them saying when they called the mother of the gunman. Most parents usually say oh not my son/daughter. His mother right away acknowledged yes, her son, and (the way news put it like she knew her son can do this)

You'll be hearing reports coming out as fast as possible. People want to know immediately all the answers. And like so many things in the past, it takes time to find, and sort thru all the info.

Unless there is found to be there is mental illness, then my take on this is like so many other things, that the upbringing of this 24 year old man was not done right.
I chat with so many people. During our talks, we bring up how when we were young we would get a beating if we did something wrong, or did something bad. So we always questioned, what we did, if we knew it was bad, was it worth getting spanked. And 90% of the time is was not worth it so we did not do it. It was only very small things we would do, say come home a little late, but it had to be worth it, and we better have a very good excuse, and argument to keep our punishment to a minimum, and we still sweated it, would we be grounded for 1 year. And when we discuss these things, as grown ups, we say its a learning tool, and instead of getting a spanking, as grown ups you go to jail. Well, take away the learning tool while growing up, instead of punishment, nothing happens to you, there are some who start to believe, they can get away with things.

How I grew up, and the many people I know, they all would say, what they take from batman is the good guy wins, the bad guy looses. The bad guy looses a lot, and it doesn't pay to be the bad guy. So to take a batman movie to say it caused it, is false. I am glad that the news has pointed so much that it was not because of the movie, but because of the person. That the movie is like an excuse, and it could have happened to/at any movie.

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