Sunday, July 15, 2012

After a break up. What Men Do/ Women Do

Guys get drunk!
    Yup that is what they do. And keep thinking about the girl they just broke up with. And the women know this!
    Guys go get drunk to drown their sorrows. 
    Which is not the best idea. As guys get drunk, they tend to do stupid things. I mean some of the most dumbest ideas that I have seen, come from drunk sad guys . Yup the list of stupid things that guys do when they get drunk after a break up is long. 
     And yes its great fodder for their friends to use to pick on them. The drunk dial late night to the girl they broke up with, crying how much they love them. (the woman has you right where they want you, begging!!) Might be cute, maybe not, but usually the woman isn't that happy about it, and #1 answer you'll get is something like, why does it take you to get drunk after we break up for you to realize this. Of course they got you right where they want you, so they can say and do anything to you. 
     Be a man, and just DON"T do anything when your sad and drunk except go home and sleep it off. AND think things out with a clear head. 
     I mean, going to her house to sing her a song, while she is sleeping, and your singing voice, well just don't give up your day job, and its late, the cops will be there soon, the neighbors aren't to happy about your drunk dumb idea of singing at 3am. So now the cops come, and your busted for a DWI. See dumb idea.
     Lets not forget the drunk sad then turns into drunk angry guy. these guys get into bar fights. Go beat on things. Drive their car/truck into things (get busted for a DWI) Go pound on the girls door at 3am (cops come, get arrested, get a DWI) 
    Go break a flower shop window to get flowers to bring to her at 3am (oh yea super dumb idea)
  Stop thinking like its a movie, it might work some times, but be smart, not drunk, do it when your sober. If you suppose to be together, it will happen. You broke up for a reason. Booze won't fix it.

Women get drunk to! Well some of them. Many of them cry themselves to sleep for a couple nights then move on.. But women have their support team!! They have their friends around them, to talk them into moving on. Go out. Here is their chance to explore.
  Yup before you know it, girls are out on the prowl. They might think about the last guy, they might miss him for a short time. But women move on. They move on fast!

    Most guys I have known go get drunk, and dwell on their break up. They might pick up a chick (rebound) for a one night stand. Maybe for a couple dates. But generally guys don't move on fast.

   Women on the other hand do move on. They move on fast! Even when if you do talk to her a couple weeks later, and she complains you didn't call her. She has moved on. Many girls will even say you didn't call so I moved on.  Women have their support team and they help her move on. 
     Most women I have talked to have admitted actually to start looking for their new guy after a few small bumps in the road. And if there has been 2-3 small little break ups (i mean like 1-3 days of not talking) they already out making guy friends. So guys watch out, she is looking to replace you!!! 

  I asked one girl (after seeing this a few times) why are you dating a new guy so fast when you said you loved your last guy so much? Did you really love him or what. The answer is the new guy is a rebound. He is just someone there to help her forget about the guy she did love and broke up with. How many times you see a woman date some guy, and you say wow she could do better, well there is a good chance he might just be a rebound. 

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