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Here it is. We all hear it some time, that someone we know, or it could happen to you. Your love one cheated on you.

Here is the truth. The facts come from study after study made by universities. I was shocked to hear the results. (And the %s listed below are close to a couple other studies done 5 years prior to this study. The percents may be off by 1 or 2%. i forgot the exact %)

Read the shocker, then I will explain more later below.

So all the times you hear women complaining guys are dogs, and they cheat. Here is the truth.

About 76% of women polled have said they cheated at least once in their life. This means they cheated when they were in a relationship. Being with a boyfriend, or married.!!!

Only 33% of men polled have said they cheated!!!!

Wow that really throws a wrench into all those women who complain about men are dogs and how they cheat. Women cheat more then double then men do. I couldn't believe what I heard.

Lets go further into the study----

Out of the 76% of woman who cheated. When they were asked why they cheated. Only 31% said because they were cheated on first. And only a very few percentage had 100% proof they were cheated on. Most the  women who cheated said they just were not happy with something in their relationship. Wow goes back to my other post of how women tend to move on fast.

Out of the 34% of the men who cheated, 78% said they cheated because they were cheated on first. And more of the men had proof the woman in their life cheated. The other percentage mainly cheated because there was something missing in the bedroom, in their relationship.

I was really shocked at this number.

The survey I am listing was done by a major university. The results were close to other studies from other universities. I never forgot this, because it was such a shocker to me. We hear so many times women complaining about guys who cheat. This is why it is a shocker. But is it really a shocker? Or is it that we just don't pay attention to it, I mean who wants to think about it. So I took a little time to read up on it. Even though I already knew the answers why. 

So here is answers to your questions.

Guys are not going to go out advertising their girl cheated on them for couple reasons. Guys don't want to come off as if they are lacking something. Or that they are weak. It is like an embarrassment to a guy their girl cheated on them. So you just don't hear guys cry about it. To a guy, to complain his girl cheated on him, its like he was with some ho. His friends will bring it up for years to come. So generally guys won't advertise it happened.

Women on the other hand, will "scream bloody murder". This is a rally call for her friends to come and support her. The amount of attention a girl gets if her man cheated on her is huge. She can use this even at work. Yes I have known women who have gotten a few days off because of this. (never heard a guy get a day off). So women will use this to their advantage.

BUT..ask yourself why or how did it come down to it. Well as I already stated women cheated because they just were not happy with "something" in their relationship. And it wasn't about sex. It was something in the relationship. Pretty dumb.
     While most guys cheated because they were cheated on first.

Bottom line, if your not happy in the relationship, there is no excuse, get out. Either put up with your relationship. Or get out of it, and then move on. Your not being fair to others. Your not being fair to the person you used to cheat with. 

Do you actually think, there is no repercussions when you cheat?

I have lived in Europe. I lived in several states in the US. I have met so many people because I moved. I have also worked in several bars and saw so many people cheat. 

When people cheat, you start making others not trust people. Most people lie to the person they cheat with, and the person they cheat on. So how are those 2 people going to be able to move on after the relationship and trust others? I know so many who do not trust the other gender for this reason. Also you start a cycle. You cheat on a person. Now that they were cheated on, they might cheat on someone they have a relationship with later on in their life, I have seen it done. They use the excuse, well I was cheated on, so I will cheat on someone else. How about the person you used to cheat with? You think that won't effect them? Of course it will. The thinking of well i was used by someone when they cheated in their relationship, so I will do the same. Again it goes back to how are people going to trust others if they were involved in this cheating circle? And it does happen. You would think, if someone was cheated on, or was used by someone who cheated. They would not cheat. Wrong, actually more people who were in this situation cheat.

Personal experience. 1 girl I dated was married she lied she wasn't. She thru out her husband for awhile, and hide his things. So no sign she was married. She said she was separated. She was not.
1 girl was engaged, her man was away for work. She lived in her own place.
1 girl lied for months she was not married. She just moved into the new house. She said she was separated and was still moving in. So she did not unpack everything. 

I have seen when i worked in bars, more women cheat, then men. 

I have talked to a many friends while I grew up. Many of them who were single into their 30s had at least one girl cheat on them. Most of them admitted because of this, they did not treat women on pedestal afterwords. They did not trust women. 

While very few women ever said their man cheated on them.

And 1/2 the women who did say their man cheated on them, actually it was not the truth at all. 

So there are the facts. So please be aware of the truth. Just because more women scream they were cheated on, does not mean more men cheat. Only means that women will admit to it more. And women talk about it more. Guys only admit to these things to close friends. Guys do not talk about it much.

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