Sunday, July 15, 2012

After couple dates, I don't feel she is interested

So I started to date this girl many years ago. We went out on our 3rd date. We talked on the phone a lot. But she seemed cold. Almost as if she was not interested. She did not kiss me, or hug me in that long embrace like a girlfriend would. So there was a couple weeks I did not see her. Finally I decided to have one last date with her. During the date I turned to her and said we needed to talk. I told her how I did not get a feeling from her  that she is interested in me. I wanted to know what she was feeling, and what she wanted from this relationship. She admitted she was keeping a distance and wanted to get to know me better before jumping into a relationship with me. That is why she kept it casual. So it was good that I spoke up, and asked. Without asking I would not have found out.
We started to date more serious, and our relationship became serious.

The Truth--so after 2-3 months of our relationship becoming serious, she finally came clean and told me she was in a relationship and that's why she was "cold" to me when we first started going on casual dates. Basically she wanted to see if I worth leaving the relationship she was having to be in a relationship with me. And yes I did ask her when I met her if she was dating some one, she said no.

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