Sunday, July 15, 2012


Oh boy, War of The Roses mean anything to you?

Well if not go watch the movie "War Of The Roses"

In the the War between the Ex's it can become better then anything a soap opera can think up!

Lets make a list of how down and dirty this war can get LOL

10. Tell everyone your ex farts a lot in their sleep. Or your ex picks their nose. :)

9. Tell everyone your ex is a liar. That is why you broke up with them.(people will tend not to trust them)

8. Spread the word that your ex was not good in bed. (this is low down. Maybe should be higher on the list)

7. Let word spread to get to your ex that you found a new someone (the ex is going to feel sad)

6B. Bring a new so&so to the  local hang out where you know your ex will be. (oohhh that will hurt).
6A. Make out with your new so&so in front of the ex at the local hang out
             (ouch, your ex will fell that knife in the stomach)

5. Tell everyone your ex is a cheat.

4. Hook up with your's ex's friend. (Oh yea that one is bad)

3. Hook up with your ex's cousin (holidays will never be the same)

2. Payback--hook up and sleep with your ex's best friend. :O (let the fight begin)
                    (usually happens after the other had slept with a friend)

1. OH No ---Hook up and sleep with your ex's brother/sister (home wrecker LOL)

So have I ever seen these things? OHHHH yea!!! Showing off the new so&so is the talk between your ex and your ex's friends. Your ex and ex's friends will try to belittle your new so&so and it won't work. Making out in front of your ex, will send a gut wrenching feeling deep down into the pit of your ex's stomach. Your ex will feel the pain for days!

Hooking up with the ex's friend has been done by both sides. Yea the friendship usually ends not good. This i have seen several times. Many of a fight has become from this.

Hooking up with the ex's best friend has been done more by women then men. But I am not saying both sides have not tried. It is just easier for a woman to get a man to sleep with them, then the other way around.

The #1 sleeping with the other's brother/ is rare. That does not mean it does not happen, but it is rare. The family is never the same. Your ex will be furious for the rest of their life!

My point for this list. Is to say both genders have done it. Some things on this list one gender may have done it more then the other gender. But both are equally guilty of doing mean things to their ex. At the moment of being mad, both genders should stop. Many regret later on what they have done when it happens to them. Listen you broke up with your ex. Just move on, and leave your ex where they belong, in the past!!

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