Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Never let anyone who comes into your life make you get rid of something you cherish. No matter how foolish it is. Or how much they dislike it. This item belongs to you, and means something special to you. Because it does not have the significant meaning to the person that enters your life as it does to you. They can not understand why you cherish the item. As in the movie Ted (which I found to be hilarious) the girl demanded the guy to get rid of something he cherished. I was in a relationship for over a year. In all honesty, the relationship should not have lasted that long. I really wanted to get married and have kids so I put up with to much. She wasn't the type to sit down to talk, which was weird. I had to be the one to sit her down to discuss things. Even then she wouldn't open up. So she started to pester me about getting rid of somethings in my place. (she did not sit down to say hey, lets talk about moving in together, how can we do this) I felt like she was trying to "run" my life. (if she sat down to talk with me, the issue would have been simple, we would have needed to get a bigger place) So instead of talking to me, she decided to do a few things on her own. I had to go into work one saturday morning for a couple hours. When I came home she had this smirk on her face. I knew right away she did something. She was acting funny. So I looked and saw she got rid of an item I had gotten when I was very young from a relative. Even though I had gotten rid of a bunch of things, (yes those items were junk that I got rid of, and I had thought about tossing them before) this one item I was going to keep. I told her the relevance about this item. She asked, and I said yes I will keep this item till I am dead. She knowing how much it meant to me, she still threw it out when I was not there. I told her get it or get out. She broke the item before throwing it out so there was no way of getting it back. I was not happy with her for some time. I let her know it to. Well finally, I woke up and got rid of her. To bad I waited to long, and lost something I did care for. My point is this, if you really treasure an item, make sure the person who comes into your life understands that. Also respects you not to bring it up again. If that person does bring it up, to get rid of that item. I suggest you reevaluate your relationship. Am I the first person this has happened to? NO! And I can tell you that every single relationship that I heard of where someone in the relationship does something like this. The relationship in the end, well ends sooner or later. Yes I have heard of relationship go on for sometime, deep down inside the person is not truely happy either. Remember for a person to do this to you, does not respect you, respect your wishes, and will not treat you with the respect you deserve!

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