Monday, March 27, 2017

What happened to putlocker? what happened to ----i found the new putlocker site

Putlocker is having legal issues with the governments of the world. As of monday some time the site now is redirected what is called a "blackhole"

"The site's registrar EuroDNS was ordered to suspend the domain name following a decision from a Luxembourg court."

Putlocker had and other channels to now be terminated by governments around the world.
With the site very popular in the USA and has been on the radar of the US government for many years for hosting copyrighted material, aka movies and tv shows made by Hollywood and tv stations loosing Billions in revenue from this free site.

I am sure like in the past Putlocker will try to find a way, but the world is becoming smaller for it some what.

Might be time for a change of name to start with, so the coppers around the world will have to chase a new identity.

Well what to do with Putlocker not loading any movies, give it time, and follow my blog, as soon as it is up and running I will let you know

Found it, the new site for Putlocker

Update 16 December 2017 
is the current best putlocker to use
easiest with least amount of pop ups that i have seen.
Also this address site has least amount of down time.
he other putlocker sites seem to be imitations with much more pop ups and more down time

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