Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dead Arron Hernandez can get PAID $$$$$$, Arron Hernandez estate could be paid millions due to his suicide. Arron Hernandez had a plan with his suicide.

Yes you see it correct
Dead Arron Hernandez can get PAID!!!

When we first reported about Hernandez's suicide and how his attorney would try to have his conviction overturned because of his suicide. We said at that moment it had to be for $$$ reasons. 

We were right as more comes out. And it could be for over $6 million dollars. YES that much.

Read our report on his death/suicide here

Now we can say a Paid Dead Hernandez

Many were in shock to hear of Hernandez committing suicide. He was a tough guy, some may think because he is a football player, his tattoos, and even because it has been said his tattoos are gang related. 

Hernandez  has had legal troubles for violence going back to 2007 when he was 17 years old. To include a bar fight and a double shooting the he may have been the shooter.

We could have easily thought, well he is in jail, waste of a life, 27 years old and life in jail. All of sudden he commits suicide. I know I thought wow he punked out. He is weak when thinking he could handle the life in jail. Not so tough now. At first I thought wow he couldn't handle it, what was he thinking? Was it that this was the rest of his life. He had nothing to look forward to. Maybe the addition to his team winning the Superbowl in the last season without him, missing to play the Superbowl. 

But we did feel something else we did not see at the time. He seemed to tough to go out like that. Was there a catch to all this, a plan

YES !!!!

The Pats may actually be contractually obligated to pay Hernandez’s estate a $3.5 million bonus that was stopped hours after his murder arrest in 2013. The Patriots may also owe Hernandez an additional $2.5 million in guaranteed base salary that was also halted after his 2013 arrest

So now his family may get paid. If they do, the hard part will be keeping it. There are currently 3 civil suits against the Hernandez estate.

With the law in Massachusetts, because he died while appealing his conviction. His lawyer can file a motion. This motion overturns the conviction.
With the over turned conviction and his death. This could protect his estate, remaining financial assets from civil lawsuits, and any future monies from lawsuits. 

Usually first there is a conviction in court to where it is proved criminally he is guilty. 
 Then the civil suit is brought afterwards to gain financial loss. 

Because Hernandez will now most likely be innocent. A civil suit is much harder to gain. But not impossible

Just look back at OJ Simpson's trial. He won his criminal trial and was found innocent. But he lost his civil suit and had to pay millions.

Don't expect this to end anytime soon. There are law suits all over. Loyd's family has already filed lawsuits whoever has been involved. They also have filed a lawsuit against the New England Patriots. 
All about the $$$$$$

Loyd's family is already eyeing the money that Hernandez's family may receive from the patriots.

Also a wrongful death lawsuit for Hernandez could be filed against the jail.


No one knows exactly how much Hernandez estate is worth. 
He signed a $40 million contract with the Patriots. He forfeited at least half of that when he was arrested for the Lloyd murder a year later, in 2013.

In a legal proceeding in 2015, a lawyer representing Hernandez in civil court claimed his client had run out of money, telling a judge, “There’s nothing left here as a practical matter.”

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