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Dailymotion Suicide, Death of Dailymotion, Dailymotion the pathway to failure, Dailymotion banned in Russia,

Another company has decided to destroy itself!!!!

Dailymotion is about to largely abandon its roots in user-generated content. Yes you read this correctly.

What does that mean for the "partners" who create content and have posted on Dailymotion

They have been receiving letters their account is "disabled" without warning

If you were thinking of becoming a Dailymotion video creating partner. Or a partner currently. Making money on Dailymotion via video upload.
It behooves for you to read this article first.
Things are about to change and for what seems to be for the worse.

Dailymotion has long been compared to YouTube. But were know to be less stringent on copyrighted material. Also having a reputation of hosting more sexually explicit content then youtube. Some of you may have seen their name in videos that had appeared in your news feed on Facebook, from friends who uploaded videos going back to 2011. 
This boosted the social strategy of Dailymotion
In addition in 2012 Dailymotion partnered with Facebook. 

This is ALL about to change.

***The short story is like this. Parent company who is in media buys up a few premium channels that are broadcast. They may also buy partial ownership in a few premium channels, make a few deals to recast some shows from other networks and from other countries. Own some music videos and maybe buy a few shows. Also make a few professional shows. Then they go out and buy a small company that used to broadcast amateur shows.
 Then they will take all premium shows they acquired thru the parent company and broadcast them thru the broadcast company they purchased  and turn away from the amateur shows that were being broadcast. 
The company it will be shown thru the internet is Dailymotion video player.
So a watered down version of Netflix? except it will be only shows they own, or have a piece of the ad pie from, Shows they bought and/or made. Later they would add professional news shows like from Spain. Like there are not a dozen choices already now. 
Besides what they are trying to do is like take a 1000 amateur channels now reduce to have 20 premium channels
they expect all the people who were watching the amateur shows to all of a sudden stop and watch their premium shows. The premium shows had been playing thru other broadcaster. Do you honestly think that will work? Not really cause the people who go to watch the amateur stuff want to watch the amateur produced vids. People can already watch the premium shows elsewhere. Only difference is the parent company has to share the money made from the ads with the other broadcast companies when their premium shows are played on other broadcasting service.
As Ceo Saada has stated France has so much to offer. That maybe great, maybe watch a few shows. But I won't be a steady viewer of French news. I don't live in France. I may even watch a show or 2 on French culture, or french cooking, maybe a show to see some French history or travel site. But out of the 500 thousand current viewers in USA who are steady viewers, how many would continue steadily watch French news, or News from Spain?
Very few would stay as regular viewers. But that is what Saada is working to make***
Also he wants to increase the viewership in the USA to take on youtube.
Problem is clearly he does not understand the American people!!!!!
There is a reason why youtube is so huge in the USA, content is uploaded by Americans for Americans. Not to be what ever word you choose, like racist. It is because we know what to upload because we know what we want to watch. 

If I went to France would I know what they watch? NO not a clue. So same thing applies how can a French CEO have a grasp on what we want to watch in America?

 Since the acquisition, Dailymotion has taken steps to remove sexually explicit and pirated content. “The first thing we did was clean up the platform,” Saada said
Saada ego, bragging how he cleaned up Dailymotion in the last 2 years. But log into the site and there is nudity everywhere. Videos 2-3 years old with nudity or sexually explicit material. We created a new account to test DM and  how the site runs. We even had a video suggested to us by Dailymotion with a female naked as the thumbnail to the video. All this while we had parental controls on. When we turned off parental controls we can see women in videos we can see everything.

If that is cleaning up the site. WOW would hate to be an investor in this sinking ship. 

Also it was not well publicized. But 20 October 2016, just a few months ago. Dailymotion was hacked and 85.2 Million  people had their private information and passwords stolen. No mention of the financial information they have to pay people who upload for profit.

Saada told Les Echos that Dailymotion would up its staff 
count to about 400 by the end of the year, from 260 today January 2017

Also most recently 
Again due to copyright infringement
On December 2, 2016, based on these charges, a Moscow court ordered that access to DailyMotion be blocked in Russia. DailyMotion did not appeal the decision, according to Gazprom Media. As a consequence, the court has ordered Roskomnadzor, the telecom regulator, to block access to the site from Russian territory.

This was after repeated calls and contact trying to be made to DM and Russian media outlets being ignored.

In 2017 it's still amazing to see CEOs with huge egos will abandon working formats,
commit suicide on platforms that generate revenue !!!
Cleaning up is one thing. Cleaning house is completely another.
 Vivendi purchsed 90% of Dailymotion in 2015

Maxime Saada, the current CEO of Dailymotion
“We want to highlight the ‘daily’ in Dailymotion.”

With an announcement today of the "Relaunch" 
of Dailymotion come June of 2017

Their focus on professionally produced content centered around news, sports, music and entertainment rather than user-generated content (amature made content). They are also looking to shed their UGC partners and bring aboard professional content partners. Dailymotion will look to target viewers 18-49, and will put an emphasis on live-streaming video events 

While former video creators one by one have received emails without warning, notifying them their accounts have been "disabled".

Yes, Dailymotion does not even have the courage to say terminated or cancelled. With Dailymotion's policy of payment from advertisement to be a minimum of $100.00 US
The video creator must have over $100 earned before the payment is released . So where is the money going to from all the accounts Dailymotion has terminated that have less then $100 in ad money for payment????

Current video creators must now think to find a new video upload service. Along with how can they bring their followers to which ever new service they choose. Like all moves, these creators can be assured of 2 things. First the lost of revenue, second the loss of some or even all of their followers. Creators must plan now. Once your account is "disabled" you will not be able to reach your followers. "Arguing with Dailymotion is useless" as one creator stated.
And once your account is disabled, there is no possible ability to log in to contact your followers

All in the name of reinventing itself, relaunch, or any other name used for the killing of the company they were put in charge of. 
For what??
Their egos, maybe simply their bigger bonuses? Maybe little of both. 
Do they care if a company fails? Does not seem like they do! With the hefty severance packages these CEOs gain even  after a company FAILS. Look at 2002 CEO then when he is credited with the largest financial loss in French History was still given a multi-million dollar severance package.

And after the recent fall of Yahoo most notably 

We can add one more Company to the self destructive path. 

Dailymotion, the video sharing website was founded in Paris March 2005
January 25, 2011, Orange acquired a 49% stake in Dailymotion, then 10 January 2013 Orange bought the remaining 51%

December 2014, Dailymotion was fined €1.3 million for copyright infringement. 

 Deal announced June 2015, Vivendi purchased 80% and later in September 2015 raised its holding to 90%

 Since the acquisition, Dailymotion has taken steps to remove sexually explicit and pirated content. “The first thing we did was clean up the platform,” Saada said

Sorry Saada your platform is dirtier then a whore house in a war zone. 

Vivendi, plans a significant relaunch of Dailymotion in June that will be geared toward serving up a curated feed of professionally produced content. 

The new Dailymotion will provide a “daily digest” of topical video programming, centered around news, sports, music and entertainment, said Saada

The new Dailymotion will still allow users to post their own video, but “it’s not the main purpose of the platform” going forward, Saada said. He added that Dailymotion does not monetize UGC videos.

Another words, they want to become another media streaming but on the internet. They want to make mini series. Saada has even stated their intend is to have professional series videos  and do away with the normal everyday uploader
They do not want the creators that upload hog pog videos.

So one idea is to have The Edge from U2 to be guest on a cooking show on Dalymotion. Great idea right?
So cooking and some music is the idea. So how long will that last when you look weekly for a new musician to come on the show?
And your viewers will be who likes that particular musician, not steady viewers who like the show for cooking. And like we need one more cooking show. 

With 300 million-plus on Dailymotion, they plan to convert those viewers to content Dailymotion wants to show, not what the viewers want to see.

So Dailymotion wants to take on youtube, and be bigger then youtube but DM are going to make their own videos. But they also want to be like Netflix. So a watered down youtube, and a wanna be Netflix.

Vivendi’s owns French pay-TV company Canal Plus Group, 
Vivendi also owns Dailymotion
Currently, Dailymotion attracts 300 million users who watch 3.5 billion videos, 
500 thousand users in the USA Maxime Saada is CEO of Dailymotion and also chief exec of Canal Plus

What Saada fails to understand we as people like to watch others doing stupid things. Why do you think the movie Jack Ass became so HUGE. They even had a tv show.
We like to see stupid people to do stupid things, and laugh at them.

Vivendi also owns Universal Music Group. Which they license to Vevo. Vevo then plays on youtube. Dailymotion plan to start bringing content from UMG to play on DailymotiionCanal Plus Studio funded shows such as Ovation network’s “Versailles,” and movies including “Paddington Bear.”
Vivendi also owns Gameloft. They also plan to incorporate Gameloft into their site
Vivendi former CEO basically did this back in late 1990s to 2001 time when the world economies were booming. Clash of egos with Rubert Murdock

Result March 2002: Vivendi reveals the largest loss in French corporate history - a deficit of £8.3bn

So they failed once before and plan is a pathway to fail again. This time hurting the UGC, as Vivendi calls them non premium content makers aka "amateurs" 

As you can see Dailymotion has already taken a lose of viewership recently. They dropped 5 spots in global rank

More proof of Dailymotion lose of viewership down almost 3%

Dailymotion Demographics, so they will loose their current market places and to make gains where?
There is so much content, so many channels. 

Look at other failed video streaming site

Blip (formerly founded on May 5, 2005, and it was located in New York City

was acquired by Maker Studios in 2013 and shut down by them on August 20, 2015 and moving the content to In December 2015, the company became a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.Since becoming a subsidiary, the company has suffered multiple rounds of 

layoffs, executive shuffling, and 
partners cut-offs

In February 2017, Maker Studios had around 60,000 YouTube partnerships, but announced that it intends to reduce this to about 1,000. Many partnered YouTubers had been unhappy with the terms of their contracts, including difficulty with ending contracts

As of today this is the viewership

Remember Revver??
Revver was purchased by LiveUniverse for $5 million.
LiveUniverse stopped paying the UGC and shut down.

My Opinion. They could have split the Dailymotion into premium and non premium. Kept both, just cleaned up the UGC content. Keeping their viewership and building on a strong foundation. Instead I feel they are destroying the foundation of Dailymotion. 
This will only benefit youtube, or other youtube like services. pushing the UGC content to others also pushing viewership away.
Time is now ripe for a new service to pick up what Dailymotion wants to shed. And become a competitor of youtube.
Dailymotion's ambition to rival youtube is a pipe dream. And like 2002 they will fail again. Mark my words we will see in the future

More news from Videolink Jul 27, 2016

Dailymotion will shutter its Palo Alto office and is hemorraging employees faster than they can replace them including its senior team. French publication LeMonde cited that Chief Operating Officer Martin Rogard will be wrapping up his role over the next few months. Rogard is among the last of the legacy senior executives to depart the company. One source has told VideoInk that the company has lost over 100 employees, and that this past month was the first in many that the body count wasn’t in the negative for the online video platform. Another executive noted that the company is giving bonus incentives to employees who refer new hires. Dailymotion’s U.S. operations will hub from New York and Los Angeles.

By reading all this and more. You probably have a feeling that DM is sinking.

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