Saturday, April 15, 2017

Garadget turns off service to smart garage door. Customer denied serve and told to return product.....for good reason!!

This Homeowner purchased a smart, connected garage door opener. 
Too bad the homeowner was not smart connected.

The homeowner, Robert Martin, left a nasty on when his smart garage door did not work, blasting Garadget, the company who created the smart opener.

Robert Martin also went onto Garadget's community area and posted more negative comments. But yet he did not contact the company for help? 

Robert Martin did get a reply on the community from the owner of Garadget, Dennis Grisak. A reply he did not expect we are sure of 

Yes the owner said he would not tolerate Robert Martin's temper Tantrum, turned off his device, told him to return it.

YAY , the owner was right in his reply. Robert did not contact the manufacturer for help, he thru a temper tantrum and belittled the start up company.

Unfortunately people took the homeowners side, and gave negative feedback to the company.

This time I vote for the company. People need to learn when to stick up for a company, and when to stick up for the person. Not just to join the crowd and attack companies.

Here is the Kicker.....Robert Martin--the Homeowner...didn't finish setting up the smart garage door opener. DOAH errr Da

So a spoiled temper tantrum throwing customer suppose to be a man, acting out as a spoiled little boy, belittling another. But he is the dumbbell and its his fault the smart door didn't work because he did not finish installing it. 

I'd like to go to every person who wrote negative feedback to the company and say some negative feedback to them.

Bending to the mob, the smart door company reinstated Robert Martin's device and helped him to finish with the install.

Dennis of Garadget we back you. Customer was at fault and instead of properly contacting you, he went on a tantrum.

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