Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Found Brand New twin ’87 Buick Grand Nationals!, Found pair of Brand New ’87 Buick Grand Nationals!, classic cars

Found Brand New twin ’87 Buick Grand Nationals!, with identical window stickers in both cars. 

That's correct, and with consecutive vin numbers, thus named the twins. One car has 807 miles which the owner has said that was the one of the twins he drove a couple of times. The other car has 592 miles. What a find!!! Ahhhh the dream of owning one of the twins.
The cars were purchased and then parked in a garage in a western Oklahoma town for the last 30 years. The owner thought it was time to sell them. Asking $200,000 for the twins on a facebook post. WOW, but totally worth it. You will never find a find like this. William Avila a Grand National fan saw the post, and contacted the owner. After jumping through all his hoops that the owner asked for, William Avila was able to go see the cars.
Obvious the owner was smart, he didn't want a mob of people to waste his time, people who just wanted to see the cars, maybe even be annoying with low ball offers, or even worse have them stolen. It's not said but we assume William had to prove he could afford the $200k to purchase the cars.

William did not have the $200k to purchase the twins but his friend Shawn Mathews did. After months of haggling on the price, and the owner not relenting. Shawn Mathews found mustang he wanted, and called the owner of the twins to retract his offer and said he would be buying a mustang. Apparently that pushed the owner/seller to accept Shawn's offer.

Shawn became the owner of the twin ’87 Buick Grand Nationals. His plans are to keep them both, restore and keep them both, and bring them to car shows.

The twin with 592 miles still had the new car smell, the windows were all the way up. Clean but with the headliners were sagging.
The other twin with 807 miles, had a window left cracked. Seemed more dusty then its twin, The back seat looked like cat urine. But over all in great shape

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