Monday, June 12, 2017

New Extreme Facebook Censorship, Facebook filter, Facebook Review, Horrible facebook censorship filter, Newest Facebook verification method

Facebook has unleashed a new and more destructive censorship into its already highly censored program. With new ultra verification requirement.

Us users have heard of FB censoring conservative news. That is real.
This was revealed right before FB announced they would fight "fake news"
There are a lot of fake news on facebook. Many do not fact check posts and re-share continuing the lies of fake news in their own time lines with either shares, or creating a commentary of the fake news. Then proclaiming its real news as they read it from some news source. If a person does not post the link from where or which news article they are commentating on, or reviewing, you can believe it is fake, or a twisted fabrication of the original article. Make people post the link to the article they are commentating on. If they do not post a link then call the person out on it. Fight fake news, call people out. In addition unfortunate those people who make a commentary do not continue to follow the news they posted or commented on when it is revealed it is fake or lies. 
With that, even when it is brought out that so called news was fake or a lie, in facebook land it continues to live as truth. 

What is intensifying this fake news, it is now said over 40% of millenniums look to facebook for their news and growing.

With facebook ceo a proclaimed ultra liberal, and FB created filters to censor conservative news, and even moderate news that is against the ultra liberal agenda and 40% of millenniums read FB for their news and growing. An intellectual person can see Fb is trying to control and manipulate which news and information is shred to help to groom the next generation into liberals.

Now there are a lot of fake accounts on FB also. Most will know this. In past FB used verification method such as send text to your phone and you must log in and input the security number they texted you. Of course any bad person would find a way around this.

New filters that came out with FB recent will flag any "suspicious activity" and put a temporary ban on your account until you verify your account

What is suspicious activity? 

#1 share a video from youtube. Yes from youtube. Why? because youtube did not want to partner with FB. See it came down to $$$$ yes money. FB wants the money and youtube does not need FB. Youtube has over 1.3 Billion users and growing around the world.

#2 share something from google owned apps. Yes google is in competition with Fb. Fb is greedy. You can not ban google, so ban people who share google items.

#3 Share an article from, yes even LOL if you share a foxnews article on FB, you begging for the Fb police to come for you to ban your account.

#4 it has become so stringent no one can say who you share from into FB will get you in hot water.

#5 share a picture into a group page and receive to many likes or comments in to short of a time period. You will be blocked, your post or comments will be blocked as spam, and you will have to verify your account and go thru their security process. You may even be forced to change your password.

#6 many have time on weekend for FB, to catch up, see pages of friends, comment and like pictures or articles. Now you will be flagged for suspicious activity. Because your activity during the week was low to non existent and the weekend activity spiked. This will cause a red flag in facebook.

Verification, up until week ago a simple text to your phone with a verification number you can input to FB and you back in your account.

Fb in the last month started to force people to create new passwords. On young lady was forced to change her password 4 times in 3 weeks. She has now stopped posting on FB. "It is easier not to log into facebook then it is to go thru the security of Fb and create new password weekly". Some times twice in a week. She has had her FB account for over 10 years

Input security text number, security questions, verify pictures from 5 years ago. Now create new password and ......

New verification--As of this week---you must upload a selfie of your face. Then FB will review it and contact you.

This account holder has sent in selfie and awaiting account review

So all Fb users beware. If you have friends you made on Fb, get an email contact. Or just stop posting on FB. People with accounts for many years are being temporary banned. They are fed up and not logging back in. 
Why? they are fed up to be forced into one these extreme verification. So if one of your long time facebook friends disappears all sudden or you stop seeing a long time friend. You can blame it on FB and their new filters. I personally have seen many post i am out of fb 30 day jail. 

Your account will be banned, your post will be banned until you verify with FB. We expect DNA verification soon with FB
With so many social media outlets out there, and many younger have gone elsewhere. Time has been ripe for a new social media location. The right media outlet can take over FB easily. 

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